Poured Floor Insulation

Eliminating the tedious time consuming and costly process of delivering, storing, cutting and fitting traditional Insulated Boards ADM Floor Screed can provide an alternative solution whereby insulation is “Poured” at the required depth and levelled resulting in one solid slab of insulation with no joints or voids ensuring all services and pipework at subfloor level are completely covered.

Fitting Insulation Boards over uneven Subfloors or cambered Precast Concrete Slabs can be a difficult and challenging task. Cutting and fitting boards around first fix pipes is strenuous and difficult. Often the results are a thermally inefficient, unstable layout with joints, gaps and voids in the insulation layer frequently causing issues such as movement and settlement which can lead to cracks in the finished screed.

Consisting of EPS Bead/Cement/Additives and water TLA Poured Insulation is batched on site using our Mobile Screed Factory and pumped into place achieving a highly effective insulated Thermal Screed that has exceptional Thermal, Acoustic and Lightweight characteristics.


Is TLA durable?

ADM Floor Screeds Poured Floor Insulation provides an airtight uniform and consistent layer of Insulation which has no movement whatsoever and does not shrink or expand creating a reliable layer of Insulation compatible with all finish screeds.

How can this benefit me?

Traditional Floor Insulation methods often produce logistical problems and delays to an entire project. ADM offers a complete time efficient alternative requiring no additional labour costs and eliminating expensive time delays. Our team of experts alongside our state of the art Mobile Screed Factory can install 1000m2 per day at the required depth allowing for increased productivity on site.

How does it work?

TLA combines EPS beads coated in an innovative additive with cement to create a pourable insulation.

Combining excellent thermal performance, enhanced compressive strength and an A2 fire rating for a unique insulation alternative.

The free flowing and self levelling properties mean a faster and more efficient install.

Are there different types of grade?

Yes, there are:

TLA110, TLA150, TLA200, TLA250 and TLA300 Grade, giving certain cement dosage and different levels of density