• Improved Quality and Thermal Performance
  • Reduction in heat loss associated with thermal bridging
  • Improved build program
  • Increased levels of health and safety
  • Reduced Environmental Impact and on site storage requirement
  • No skips for waste material disposal
  • Ultra Low Weight
  • Floor solutions with up to 80% less cement reducing C02 impact
  • Faster Projects
  • Drying time of 1 cm per day under normal conditions
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Our team of experts can install at least 1000m2 per day at the required depth, allowing for increased productivity onsite

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Environmentally Friendly

Using Poured Insulation there is no waste or offcuts to dispose of. TLA is 85% polystyrene bead which makes it one of the most environmentally friendly insulations on the market

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No need to pre order materials weeks in advance. ADM’s Mobile Screed Factory batches all material onsite. Installation is simple and Fast

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One Pour of Insulation with
No gaps / No joints
No movement

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Material can be mixed in many variations to meet customer requirements and job specification on Depth, Weight and Thermal Performance

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U-Value as low as 0.10 can be achieved and installed density as low as 130 kg/m3